Two-phase curriculum maintenance and planning workshop 2015


07/09/2015 (Monday)

2.15 – 2.30 pm Prof. Dr Kamarudin Jaalam

Introduction of all Malaysian delegates to USM – KLE faculty.

2.30- 5.00 pm Prof. Dr. Shaiful Bahari Ismail

Updates on medical program and planning

Detailed discussion on mission and vision of PPSP USM –KK AND USM-KLE IMP Belgaum.

History of PPSP USM –KK AND USM-KLE IMP. Belgaum.

Journey since 2010.

08/09/2015 (Tuesday)

9.00am -12.30 pm Dr. Zul Izhar

  • Journey so far about the new curriculum and academic structure for the year 2014-15 and 2015-16. Timing of the semester examinations Logistic problems – exam unit/ academic office
  • Phase I committee Course co-ordinators - maintained Examination committee – SAMS ( SMS Assessment Management System ) recommended Certified vetters by SMS Renaming course committee members
  • Course time table Change the sequence of the courses in semester II. GMT 107 ------> 108 -----> 109 ------> 106 To add one week of ‘induction week’ before the start of GMT 101
  • Content of the courses need to be updated
  • PBL - problem based learning
  • e-learning Should be fully utilized by the students and encourage lecturers to assess e- learning.
  • Formative assessment To be conducted in every course.
  • Phase I assessment

2.30-3.30pm Dr Zahiruddin

  • Co-ordinator of PPIP/CFCS
  • Discussed in detail about PPIP/CFCS program.

3.30-4.30 pm Dr Nor Azwany

Theory on medical ethics

  • Problem based enhancement of theory and MERCI approach Inclusion into the ethics course GMT 103 hospital attachment and community placement.
  • Phase I : ethics in PBL Ethical concern about : holistic approach, empathy, aware of patient refusal and its concern and confidentiality.
  • Phase II : informed consent, disclosure, braking of the bad news, decision making
  • MERCI approach
  • M: Medical issue

    E : Empathy

    R : Right & Respect

    C : Communication

    I : Insight

  • EBM ( Evidence Based Medicine) as the part of medical ethics – formulate and apply in medical practice.
  • Phase –II implementation option
  • Problem solving learning (PSL)

    Student support system in PPSP

    Advisory system - group mentor

    Role of mentor

    Expectation from phase I group mentors

  • Student Medical And Academic Response Team ( SMART)

4.30-5.00 pm Dr Mohd. Saiful Bahari Yusoff

  • Basics of assessment
  • Principle of assessment
  • Instrument of assessment
  • Status of assessment
  • Expert judgement
  • 3 goals : Motivation
  • Incompetent graduates will be threat

    Choosing the applicants for advanced training

09/09/2015 (Wednesday)

9.00 am to 12.00 noon Dr Mohd. Saiful Bahari Yusoff

  • Pattern of questions in various examinations
  • Detailing on SBQ, SEQ, MCQ , SBA and EMQ
  • Level of the knowledge in under graduate students should be kept in mind while forming and vetting questions.
  • Clarity of the stem in MCQ and EMQ to be well maintained.